At last!

Goal reached!

At last, we’ve received the news that the contract to buy the warehouse in Lagos has been finalized. Hallelujah!

As the European office, we committed to raising € 120,000 of the € 800,000 total required for the buying price – and we have reached our goal!

A huge thank you to every person, every family and every congregation who donated to this important project. Every donation to CfaN, whether big or small, is such a blessing to us. We are thrilled at the generous support of our mission partners. It is truly a privilege to stand together as workers in the Lord’s harvest fields.



We need your help…

A safe harbor in Africa

Last year, we came to you, our dear partners, with a special request. We asked you to help us raise funding to buy a Gospel Truck for CfaN’s evangelistic ministry in Africa, and we were overjoyed with the result. You helped us to fully equip and ship a truck, and it’s already been extensively used to “prepare the way” and bring people to Jesus, in Nigeria and Togo. Now we need your help again for something just as important.

Our goal

We want to finance € 120,000 for the warehouse as a European office. Here you can see the current status (1 field = € 500).

Our equipment needs a permanent “home”

You know, of course, that this one truck is just a small part of the massive amount of technical equipment that CfaN must constantly transport, maintain and upgrade when necessary. In fact, we have a small fleet of five freight trucks, which transport the entire stage, the sound system, electronics and giant LED screens, from country to country and from event to event.

All that equipment must be repaired and stored between evangelistic events, as must hundreds of thousands, even millions, of follow-up “Now that you are saved” booklets. This storage happens in the same city where we have our West African office – Lagos, Nigeria. That’s CfaN’s West African home, and the place where our technical gear rests between evangelistic events.

We have a great opportunity!

We are thrilled to share with you that Christ for all Nations has been offered the option of buying the large warehouse that we have been renting up until now. The current owner from whom we rented since many years is old and needs to sell. The warehouse itself is approximately 1,850 m², on a larger piece of land (6,350 m²), big enough for all our storage needs, in a desirable and safe industrial area where many of the “mega churches” in Lagos have their premises. Essentially, this property meets all our requirements for a storage facility in West Africa.

The warehouse is also used as a workshop and repair station for our vehicles.
The warehouse is also used as a workshop and repair station for our vehicles.

Reasons we would like to buy a warehouse

  • If the property belongs to us, we can implement increased safety and security for our equipment and staff in Lagos.
  • We believe it would be prudent to invest in property in Lagos, rather than renting, to make the best use of our financial budget.
  • We want to make sure the property cannot be sold from underneath us, putting us in the difficult position of having to relocate an enormous amount of technical gear and vehicles.
  • We will be stabilizing our expenses – as rents are trending up in this area – and will avoid unpleasant budget surprises in the future.
We often need to store as many as 1,000,000 “Now that you are saved” follow-up booklets at any one time. It takes up an enormous amount of space.
We often need to store as many as 1,000,000 “Now that you are saved” follow-up booklets at any one time. It takes up an enormous amount of space.

What will it cost?

We are expecting to pay around € 800,000 to purchase the warehouse area. As CfaN Europe, we have set a goal – with our mission partners – of paying a large part of the warehouse floor area. CfaN Europe wants to raise around € 120,000. Other CfaN offices around the world will also be helping to reach the final goal. We can shoulder the burden together, and make sure we are the best possible stewards of the resources and equipment that God has provided for this ministry.

Please know that even the smallest donation is precious to us! It’s amazing how quickly small gifts can add up together to make a big difference.

Of course, we would like to finish these negotiations and wrap up this sale as soon as possible. Please pray for our staff for wisdom and success. We pray that we will soon be returning to you with a joyful report, and a safe, spacious place for CfaN’s base of operations in West Africa.

Will you help us to buy this warehouse?

What looks impossible to man is possible with God, and we know that we can meet this goal, together with you. Thank you, with all our hearts, if you are able to join us in making this important step happen. Every single gift, no matter how big or small, is a treasure of eternal value that you’re investing in this ministry. Bless you for standing with us!