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Impossible Odds

One of the characteristics of God’s will is that God calls us to do the impossible! But to face the impossible requires faith. Satan knows that if he can inject unbelief into our spirits, he can effectively rob us of God’s best for our lives. 

I think many of God’s people don’t realize how sinister and dangerous unbelief is.

When Hernán Cortés, the famous Spanish explorer, arrived in Mexico’s harbor of Veracruz in 1519, he faced overwhelming odds. Before him lay the mighty Aztec Empire with its vast armies. But Cortés had only about six hundred men with him. They were far from home in a strange land; all possible odds were stacked hopelessly against them. Cortés knew his men would always have one eye on the ships, longing for home. He knew that if these men were divided in heart or mind, the mission would surely fail. 

So Cortés did something unthinkable. He ordered all eleven ships in their fleet to be burned. When the men stood on the shore and watched their only escape route going up in flames, it was a defining moment. There was no longer any possibility of turning back. They would either conquer or die. This consummate and unmitigated commitment unlocked unbelievable potential that gave them the power to succeed where all those before them had failed.

When you are 100 percent committed and there is no turning back, you will break into a level of effectiveness and power that you’ve never experienced before. You will succeed where others have failed and you will be victorious against overwhelming odds.

This is Daniel Kolenda
encouraging you to live before you die.

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