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Ambassadors Of Christ

Whenever “God’s will” is mentioned, many people automatically begin to think of quitting their jobs and going into “the ministry.” Those in full-time, compensated, occupational ministry have often been put on pedestals and are expected to be the ones advancing and representing the kingdom of God while the “normal” Christians are busy with secular enterprises. For many Christians their “faith” is a Sunday morning matter, just one of life’s many associations discreetly acknowledged on their personal profile next to political party affiliation and favorite sports teams.

But in Christianity there are no distinctions or classes. There is no mention in Scripture of “clergy” or “laity.” In fact, in Ephesians 4 where Scripture mentions the office of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher, it doesn’t say that they are the ones who do the work of the ministry; it says that their job is to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry.

What a tragic loss we have incurred by perpetuating the mentality that the few of us in professional ministry are the “real” ministers and the rest are just spectators. My friend, God wants to use YOU. He wants to use your gifts and talents to impact the world for His glory. He wants your life to be an annexation of His kingdom on the earth! So wherever you go and whatever you do today, be an ambassador for Jesus!

This is Daniel Kolenda
encouraging you to live before you die.


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