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Well Done

The brother of a famous evangelist, whom I’ll call Sam, once jokingly explained why he became a farmer instead of an evangelist like his brother. He said that his brother was out in a field praying one day when the letters “PC” appeared in flames of fire across the sky. The brother said, “Lord, what does this mean?” to which the Lord replied, “Preach Christ!” Afterward Sam said he went out into that same field and “PC” again appeared in flames of fire across the sky. He asked the Lord, “Does this mean You are calling me to preach Christ as well?” “No, Sam”, The Lord replied. “I want you to plant corn.”

Although this story was intended only to be a joke, there is a profound lesson here. Sam did not preach to multitudes like his brother did, but God did used him as a farmer. Because of his unique sphere of influence in the business world, he was able to share the gospel with people who might never have gone to hear his brother preach.

Whether God calls you to full-time, vocational ministry or calls you to be His ambassador in the world of business, science, government, entertainment, or wherever, the principles are the same and, in the end, the reward will be the same if you will be faithful. May you be obedient in whatever field He calls you to so that in the end you will hear those words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” (Matt. 25:21).

This is Daniel Kolenda
encouraging you to live before you die.


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