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Partaking In Grace

Previously I mentioned Ephesians 4:7 which says, “But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.” So when God gives a gift he also gives the grace (or divine empowerment) to make that gift operate.  And I said that whenever you try to operate outside your gift, you will find it difficult, burdensome, and miserable, because there will be no grace for it.

So what do you do if you’re not gifted in a particular area and there is no grace for it? Well, we find the answer in Philippians 1 where Paul is talking to his ministry partners (the ones who were supporting him financially).

In verse 5 he expresses his gratitude for their partnership in the work of the gospel, and then in verse 7 he says, “Ye all are partakers of my grace.”

Did you realize that you can actually tap into the grace that is on someone else’s life by partnering with them? So rather than attempting to do everything yourself, why not partner with someone else who is gifted in the area’s you’re not? When you partner with their gift, you will become a partaker of their grace.

There is a reason that we are called, “The Body of Christ.” A body depends on the diversity of its members to function properly. Imagine a body with nothing but eyes or fingers. It would be useless. We need each other because we are different and that is God’s ingenious design.

This is Daniel Kolenda
encouraging you to live before you die.


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