Diese Seite informiert dich über das Bootcamp, das ab 1. Januar 2020 von CfaN in den USA durchgeführt wird. Es handelt sich um eine sechsmonatige Schulung für 50 Evangelisten, die wissen, dass der Herr sie aufs Missionsfeld berufen hat. Das Camp wird in englischer Sprache durchgeführt, deshalb gibt es die Informationen auf dieser Seite nur in Englisch.


Over the next ten years, we are looking to train, equip and launch 20,000 evangelists into mass evangelism in Africa. Some of them will go on to be the Reinhard Bonnke’s and Billy Grahams of the next generation. We are looking for an elite group to train this coming year in January. Instead of thousands, we are looking for just 50 students. Instead of training for two years, it will be a six-month program. It’s a fast track to the field for a very special group of people. It’s the only group that will be trained so quickly and because it’s the first class, it will be special in many ways.


School of Evangelism - Bootcamp

Included in your EVANGELISM BOOTCAMP training is the life-changing, week-long, School of Evangelism. While those who attend the School of Evangelism only will return home or to their harvest fields after a power-packed week, those accepted to the Evangelism Bootcamp will continue on here in Orlando for another 6 months of instruction, inspiration and ministry!

Please visit our School of Evangelism page for more information.

The Evangelism Bootcamp is not for those looking for an ordinary ministry school or wanting to just learn about the Bible. This is not going to be a six-month conference where you get good teaching and just soak. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but this is going to be intense training for evangelists who burn to touch the world with the Gospel. If that’s you, apply today. January is fast approaching, so don’t delay.


Application Fee = $40

Tuition = $4,500
(Due by December 31, 2019)

Africa Ministry Trip Deposit = $500
(Due by December 31, 2019)

Africa Ministry Trip Balance = $2,500
(Due in 2020. TBA)

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