Light the Fire Again: Pensacola

Last week was a historic time as leaders from the streams of revival came together in Pensacola, Florida! The Holy Spirit moved mightily in people's lives during the four day gathering. Don't miss this powerful video from Light the Fire Again: Pensacola!

Brenda Kilpatrick

"May our hearts brun to give what we have freely received and may we take it to the lost."

Light the Fire Again

Day 3 Recap

Dr. Michael Brown.

"God's best way is to make you whole from the inside out."

John Arnott

"Take God on His terms not yours."

Carlos Annacondia

“If we use the anointing in its right purpose, that anointing will multiply and not cease.”

Day 2 Recap

Light the Fire Again: Pensacola, Florida

Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief

This week has been a time of utter devastation for tens of thousands in the Bahamas. Join us in giving generously towards disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Day 2


Day 2 - Todd White

"We can't afford to have the language of sonship, but not even know the Father."

Day 2 - Bishop Joseph Garlington

"When you are in the Spirit you can go places, and when you get there, you can do things."

We are honored to have Heidi Baker join us for Light the Fire Again!

Day 1 Recap

Highlights of the conference

God is moving in a very powerful way here. This is what we came together for. Let revival come!

Daniel Kolenda on corporate worship

We are enjoying wonderful times of refreshing and worship together.

Claudio Freidzon on Day 1 of Light the Fire Again!

"His promises have no expiration date, they have a fulfillment date!"

The first visitors are already queueing

Lukas from the German office is helping with the Registration

Sound and light check

CfaN TV Episode 153

Daniel Kolenda parle avec Warren Marcus de réveil (partie 3)

C’est la dernière partie de cet épisode où l’évangéliste Daniel Kolenda parle du réveil avec Warren Marcus. Un grand nombre d’orateurs qui parleront à la conférence ‘Light The Fire Again’ (du 4 -7 septembre 2019 à Pensacola) ont été profondément affectés par les grands réveils des années 90 à Toronto.

CfaN TV Episode 152

Daniel Kolenda parle avec Warren Marcus de réveil (partie 2)

Joignez-vous à l’évangéliste Daniel Kolenda pour la deuxième partie de sa discussion sur le réveil avec Warren Marcus, auteur, cinéaste et producteur TV.

CfaN TV Episode 151

Daniel Kolenda parle du réveil avec Warren Marcus

Dans la phase de préparation de la conférence ‘Light The Fire Again’ à Pensacaola (4 – 7 septembre), l’évangéliste Daniel Kolenda prend quelques instants avec Warren Marcus, auteur, cinéaste et producteur de télévision, et discute des mouvements passés de Dieu où la puissance de Dieu était à l’oeuvre et comment nous, les croyants, nous pouvons nous battre pour avoir un réveil chaque jour.

Relive the Flames of Revival

4 – 7 September 2019 : “Light The Fire Again”

Light The Fire Again

Relive the Flames of Revival

September 4-7, 2019
Pensacola Bay Center

The waves of revival that swept around the world in the 1990s have left a lasting impact on millions of people around the globe. You may have even witnessed the power of God fall and remember what this revival was like. Have you been praying and fasting for a fresh revival that will spark the next great awakening?

Then join us at “Light The Fire Again” from 4 – 7 September 2019, and be part of an historic gathering of leaders from the great global moves of God at the close of the last century.

We are believing for God to rekindle the Flames of Revival and see a mighty move of His Holy Spirit sweep across the earth.

We are praying that this will stir the hearts of a new generation.

We are expecting attendees from all around the world to have an encounter with God like never before.

Check in here for more information in the next week, or keep an eye on our Facebook page –

Together with you in Jesus,

Daniel Kolenda