Truck for BIG-LED-Screens in Africa

€ 150,000

Price for the Big Screen truck: € 150.000

Preparing for the double harvest

So that the people in Africa can finally see

For more than 40 years CfaN has been preaching the Gospel in Africa. Jesus has used the efforts of CfaN and our mission partners in a very special way to change the face of a whole continent.

Because of the size of our Campaigns, technical equipment has been an indispensable part of our ministry. CfaN’s sound towers, supporting our powerful loudspeakers, are particularly important since “faith comes by hearing.” With ideal ground and weather conditions, up to two million people can hear the preaching. The sound is just as clear at 200 meters as it is at 30 meters thanks to the high quality of a state-of-the-art system.

But a sound system only transports sound. A very limited number of people on site actually have the privilege to see with their own eyes what is happening on the platform, for example, when the evangelist preaches the Gospel or when people give their testimonies. 

That means the people most directly affected at the Campaign location cannot see any events on stage – let alone faces or details – even if they stand only a few dozen meters from the platform.

We at CfaN have wondered for a long time how we can communicate more effectively with the people at our Great Gospel Campaigns in Africa. How can we let the vast amount of people on the huge field participate in what’s happening on the platform?

Thanks to modern technology, this is now possible. Attendees are going to have a deeper connection to the power, emotions and intensity of the preaching and the move of the Holy Spirit. Seeing is a vital part of communicating and experiencing the Gospel.

Starting this year, we will use two big LED screens at our Campaigns

This means that people all the way on the end of the field, or in the blind spots, will be able to see what is happening on the platform right in the moment.

We are certain this is a big step forward for the preaching and spreading of the Gospel in Africa. Young people in particular will be drawn and feel welcome.

As you can imagine, this project presents a great financial challenge. But all CfaN offices and mission partners worldwide can take part in making this possible.

As a first step, we in Europe have committed to finance the truck that will transport the screens, including all necessary conversions, installations and any other relevant costs.

At a later stage, we want to help finance other parts of the new equipment as well. 

Will you join us in support of our new project?

It will affect millions of people that need to hear and see the message of salvation, healing and deliverance in the coming years. This is about millions of decisions that will impact eternity.

We must take up the challenge! No donation is too small.

We plan to initiate the new system as soon as November for our Campaign in Lagos, the Nigerian metropole. There is much to do, and we have a few invoices to pay by then.

Together it can be done!

Our first step: Financing the truck needed for transportation

  • Six-wheel drive with reinforced axles and extra shock absorbers to meet the needs of African road travel
  • Heavy-duty cooler (because of the heat)
  • Motorized winch (to pull up light poles, but also to clear away obstacles)
  • Large fuel tank for long distance travel through the African bush
  • Bunks for two people
  • Box attachments, reinforced coupling for the trailer
  • Additional costs for shipment to Africa, customs, etc.

The total cost for this truck – including extra mountings, installations and shipment to Lagos – comes to about 150,000€.

Donation Income

We need € 150.000

€ 150,000