CfaN Prayer Campaign – Salvation for your loved ones

4th – 6th October 2017

CfaN Prayer Campaign – Salvation for your loved ones

We, the CfaN team, are putting some special time aside this October to join forces with you in prayer for the salvation of your family and friends who do not yet know Jesus. We can do this with great confidence, because God our Savior desires all men to be saved!

But even though we know that, sometimes we feel like the disciples in Matthew 14, who looked around at the great crowd of over 5,000 people who were listening to Jesus, and were overwhelmed. They could see the hunger there, but they didn’t begin to know what to do about it. In fact, their suggestion to Jesus was that the people should disperse and go and find food for themselves.

The disciples looked at their hands, and found them empty. That’s how it is for us, when we see the tremendous need and hunger in those we love. Perhaps we feel helpless, inadequate, not up to the task. We can’t imagine how God can provide in this situation. Like the disciples, we think of reasons why this is “not our problem” or ways that God could provide, that don’t involve us.

When the disciples tried to remove themselves from the equation, Jesus was having none of it. He said, “They need not go away; you give them something to eat.” (Matthew 14:16) They looked at the tiny amount of bread and fish in their hands, and all they saw were leftovers. But that’s not what Jesus saw! 

The very same disciples who thought their hands were empty, who couldn’t imagine what Jesus could do to change the situation, were now dealing with baskets full of overflow!

When we look at the desperate need around us, in our families and in the world, it can sometimes seem that all we hold in our hands is some leftovers. We know that there is enough grace for our own needs, we know that we will not go hungry, but we can’t imagine that the little we have can make a difference for others. But Jesus calls on us, just as He called on the disciples, to bring what we have to Him, so He can bless it. This is where the miracle of His provision for a starving world happens.

God has chosen for us to work with Him in the great harvest.

He needs us to be obedient, to bring what we have in prayer, so that He can bless it and turn our leftovers into overflow.

He needs us to be willing to do the work of handing out His bounty to the crowd.

He needs us to be ready with baskets to pick up the overflow!

When we join our purpose to His through prayer for those who are still unsaved, we are aligning ourselves with the very purpose of Heaven itself. We are speaking out God’s desire, that “all men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth”. And as we pray for people all over the world to come to salvation, we can be assured that this will also mean picking up baskets of overflow in our own lives, and in our own families, as we see those we love coming to Jesus.

Therefore, we want to join our faith to yours in October, and pray with you for the salvation of people who are on your heart, whether they are family, friends, neighbors or colleagues. We in the CfaN Europe office want to personally stand with you and believe for God to send you opportunities to witness, breakthroughs in faith, and strengthened relationships that show the way to Jesus.

We at CfaN are full of expectation for this prayer campaign. 

God bless you.

In Jesus love,

Daniel Kolenda

Would you please also let your church and home-cell group know about this campaign? It would be wonderful to get as many Christians as possible to participate.