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Decade of Double Harvest

What on earth are ‘Gospel Trucks’?

As we’re sure you know, the campaign in Lagos at the end of last year ushered in the beginning of a new season for us here at CfaN - called the “Decade of Double Harvest” - and this will influence literally every part of our ministry and work here at CfaN.

We believe that the Holy Spirit has tasked us to bring as many people to Jesus in the next 10 years, as we did in our first 30 years combined. Above all, this means we must be even more focused, dedicated and committed to the Great Commission. For CfaN’s future, this is motivating and exciting, as well as highly challenging.

Of course, this is a massive undertaking. But that’s exactly what convinces us here at CfaN. When the Lord calls us, then it’s never about whether we can fulfill that call in our own strength and abilities. His promises far exceed anything we can imagine in this moment. And the vision God gave Reinhard Bonnke, that all of Africa shall be saved, has not yet been fulfilled.

To turn this great vision into reality, we have already begun to lay the foundations for the necessary resources and finances, which we do not yet have in hand. But then, have we ever had that? We’re moving forward in faith – as we always have, since the founding of this ministry – and we’re expecting to experience God’s intervention.

That’s why we’d like to introduce you today to a thrilling new project that God has laid on Daniel Kolenda’s heart, an exciting expansion of our vision that is already becoming reality: our ‘Gospel Trucks’.

It’s one thing to have big plans, but of course, we need to have the wisdom of the Lord to know how to put such an enormous vision into action. Without Him, we can do nothing. We’re not interested in peddling “hot air”. No, what we want is to take the preaching of the Gospel into a higher gear, and we believe God has shown us a key strategy that will multiply our effectiveness in bringing people to Christ.

Ahead of our great Gospel campaigns in Africa, we want to start weeks, or even months before time, with satellite events, known as “Village Campaigns”. Before each big event, which will now become the finale of a string of smaller events, we want to put on several smaller evangelistic outreaches in the surrounding suburbs and towns. We’ll be inviting various affiliated evangelists, trained by Daniel Kolenda personally – including some from the USA and Europe, but for the foreseeable future, primarily from Africa – and giving them the opportunity to work together with us. It’s especially these small towns and villages that we can’t go to with a big campaign. We are certain that this will release an entirely new dynamic in our evangelistic work, when entire regions will be ‘ploughed’, preparing the ground for the big campaigns.

At the same time, we’ll be giving gifted and anointed evangelists the opportunity to become active in their calling. Until now, many of them have had neither the opportunity, nor the resources, but with this project, we’ll give them both.

So, what are ‘Gospel Trucks?’

This is how they’ll be used:

Along with the LED screens, the ‘Gospel Trucks’ are another vital aspect of our “Decade of Double Harvest”.

With you by our side, we can tackle the challenges that lie before us with joy and confidence. We know the Lord never gives us a task that cannot be accomplished … so we’re full of zeal!

We’re ready to purchase and outfit a second Gospel Truck. We as the CfaN Frankfurt office have agreed to ask and encourage our European mission partners to carry the costs for this. We are sure that together, we can “push on through” to complete this task.

Together with you in Jesus,

Your CfaN Team Frankfurt