Bring the total harvest to 150 million people just ten years from now!

Prophetic for our work at CfaN:

The “Decade of Double Harvest”

What does that mean?

In 1987, we first began counting our individually signed, salvation decision cards, and to date, we’ve counted well over 76 million registered decisions for Christ. We praise the Lord for this and give Him all the glory. 

Now, the Holy Spirit has flooded my heart with fresh faith and vision to mark the next ten years as the “Decade of Double Harvest” and to press forward to see 150 million souls saved!

In other words, we want to double the 75 million already reached in the first thirty years – and bring the total harvest to 150 million people just ten years from now!

Not only that – but an evangelistic movement will also be sparked throughout Africa and the world as a result. Many evangelists will be raised up, trained, inspired, equipped and sent into the nations during these next ten years. I believe with all my heart that it is the beginning of something truly revolutionary in evangelism – and it all starts NOW!

This vision is not just “pie in the sky.” God has given us powerful practical strategies and we have thrown all our energy, creativity and passion into gearing up to meet this monumental task.

This Double Harvest Decade will affect every part of this ministry and to see it come to pass, we have already started laying the groundwork with commitments, budgets and resources that we don't have in hand yet. But have we ever had that? We are moving forward in faith and already seeing tremendous breakthrough!

I will tell you more about the details very soon, but right now I want to join my faith with yours, declaring that the best days for Christ for all Nations and for evangelism are not behind us, but ahead in Jesus’ name! 

And so I want to take your hand at this strategic moment in history and say: Let’s step into this Decade of Double Harvest together!

Shoulder to shoulder, we will tackle the challenge that lies ahead of us with great joy and confidence. We know the Lord never gives us a task that cannot be accomplished – no matter how big or daunting it may be. That’s why we’re filled with faith and excitement! 

Together with you in Jesus,

Daniel Kolenda Evangelist
together with Reinhard Bonnke and the CfaN team

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